At PKA, everything we do is driven by a single principle:
“The Client is Number One.”

We treat each client like a member of the family.

Because we are here to serve, you will always have a lawyer’s personal phone number. We are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Constant communication with our clients is one of our strengths. We believe it is critical to keep our clients up-to-date throughout the legal process, so we pride ourselves in always returning clients’ calls and emails within 24 hours.

PKA provides creative and innovative solutions to your litigation and business needs. We go beyond simply completing transactions by analyzing all litigation and business issues from numerous perspectives in order to creatively solve our clients’ legal issues.

Our focus is always on meeting the true goals of the client. That perfect contract isn’t so perfect if it never gets signed, or doesn’t address the clients’ business needs. That perfect provision isn’t so perfect if it blocks an otherwise valuable transaction.

We understand that legal objectives are most often a means to a business end. That is why we constantly recalibrate our legal tactics to the litigation and business objectives of each decision.

Our team is designed and committed to quickly addressing your litigation and business objectives and maximizing your results. At PKA, we focus on efficiency, but not at the expense of the personal touch. We are personally invested in representing each client.

We look at each case from every angle, understanding not only our clients’ personal interests and motivations, but also those of the other party and the judge. Being able to read and understand a person and to efficiently negotiate with him or her is critical to achieving a successful resolution for our clients.

Our flexibility distinguishes us from other top tier firms. We constantly adjust our style to meet specific circumstances. Whether we are aggressive, uncompromising or cooperative may change during the litigation or transaction. Our flexibility is instrumental in delivering a positive result for our clients.